Dr. Phil

Sir Alex Ferguson once said that Phil Jones could become the greatest Manchester United player of all time. Those were the times Jones would occasionally even play in the defensive midfield role and hadn’t made the ‘crooked face’ his thang. Maybe Sir Alex was just riding on the high of having won United’s 20th Premier […]

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No Quick Fixes

Manchester United has always been known to favour its youth academy products over being inclined to spend money on looking for players beyond their books. It’s not just a policy at this point, but considered more as tradition. United do hold a lot of faith in their young guns, but they can afford to do […]

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The Fighter from Wythenshawe

Unless you were a really avid follower of Manchester United (and in all probability lived somewhere in the UK, maybe in or around Manchester itself), it is very probable that you wouldn’t have heard about Marcus Rashford this time last year.

Unless you happened to play Manchester United in Football Manager (which is how I discovered Marcus Rashford two years ago).

Imagine for a while, that you are the first team manager of a reputed club. The manager/coach of the reserves comes up to you to present the profile of a reserve player he thinks you should consider giving first team opportunities to. Now, of course you are (hopefully) aware of the players your club’s academy possesses so you have heard the player’s name before and may know a bit about him, but assuming you haven’t been following him closely, and you are told he has been capably playing in the positions I just told you Rashford has played in, what is the skillset you expect that kind of player to have?

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Why Manchester United?

Around April 2008 (in Mumbai, India), The academic year was about to end in a couple of weeks. I was 10. It was the lunch break at school and I’d gathered around on the floor with a couple of friends and we were quickly gulping down the contents of our lunchboxes. Between morsels, we were […]

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